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Talk11 is a Social Enterprise, working to influence positive change by

connecting people and providing a safe platform[s] to share their unique &

empowering experiences, life lessons and stories; creating a collection of  

inspiring & powerful voices.




Imagine a safe environment and space where individuals can come together to share their truly personal and unique stories, experiences and life-lessons. Imagine the shift in people’s outlooks and attitudes, because for many, it will be the first time they feel true strength and the confidence to do so.



Imagine the courage that it takes for people to share these precious and intimate accounts and imagine how that courage will not only change the lives of the “tellers”, but also those who are in search of a little guidance, strength and inspiration. Imagine in both cases, the beautiful and impactful cause and effect that will be created.  . 

our stories

Meet Matt Cappuccitti, co-creator of [talk11] as he shares his story and journey through some dark times in his life. 

Meet Farah Miltimore, co-creator of [talk11] as she shares her story and journey through life and how she found her joy.

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1/11/2020: [Talk11] Mississauga,ON Maja Prentice Theatre

[Create Space + Hold Space = Community]

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